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Management Skills Programs

Performance Improvement and Progressive Discipline

This program reviews and reinforces supervisor skills for motl.itoring and ensuring excellent performance of their subordinates. Skills for conducting disciplinary interviews with emphasis on maintaining supervisor credibility and a high level of performance in other employees are presented. Theory, class discussion, role-playing exercises, and case studies may be employed to drive learning in this program.

Conflict Resolution

This course is an investigation into the nature of conflict and the methods to resolve conflict with an emphasis on collaborative problem solving and mediation.

Effective Supervision

This course teaches participants to use assertive management styles with employees. This wm allow the participant to provide strong leadership, encourage open communication, and motivate employees. Both theory and practical examples, as well as supervisory skill assessments may be incorporated into this program for maximum organizational value.

Effective Interviews for Hiring and Promotion

This program teaches participants to gain key facts from applicants for both new-hire and promotion positions. The participants will gain an understanding for key success factors in interviewing, the appropriate interview process, questions that are inappropriate for interviews, and best practices for interview documentation and evaluation.

Success in Changing Times

This course will help participants succeed during organizational change and deal appropriately with variable conditions. The course is based on the book Who Moved My Cheese?

Leading Organizational Change

This course is intended to teach participants how to lead changes within their organization. Special emphasis is given to leading change when the participant is not in charge or does not have specific authority over the personnel involved in the change.

Effective Communications

Thls program will help participants to broaden their interpersonal skills and increase their awareness of successful customer contacts, whether they are internal or external customers.

Project Management Programs

Project Procurement and Contract Management

This program is intended to cover project procurement and contract management Issues as they may arise in a project environment. Specific attention is paid to contractual language, stakeholder analysis, and other aspects associated with project management.

Planning and Controlling Projects

This program provides an introduction to project management and working in a project environment. It is designed for project managers as well as those people who are expected to work in a project-based environment. Methods of project planning and progress control are discussed and specific examples as well as case-studies can be employed to assure learning.

Communications Management for Project Managers

This program is intended to cover communications management for the project manager. Successful participants will have improved communications abilities and enhanced project management skills.

Risk Management for Project Managers

This program is intended to cover risk management as it applies to project managers. Risk identification, quantification, and reduction strategies are discussed.

Project Quality Management

This program is intended to cover the basic concepts of project quality management. Specific attention is paid to quality risk factors, strategies for improving quality, and analysis techniques.

Using Microsoft Project

This course covers basic and advanced topics in project management