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Commercial Skills Programs

Finance for the Nonfinancial Manager

This program provides a look into corporate finance to provide managers with an tmderstanding of "the numbers" that drive their specific business areas. Particular focus is typically provided for profit and loss drivers, metrics establishment, and investment evaluation methods. Additionally, in this session, a mapping from the profit and loss statement to the specitlc functions within the managers' respective areas is also developed to provide guidance to meeting corporate flllancial objectives.

Introduction to Marketing

This program provides participants with an appreciation for customers, why they buy, and how we get them to purchase from us. In the course, we discuss the basics of marketing strategy, buyer psychology, the marketing mix (product, promotion, placement, and pricing), basics of marketing research, market segmentation, product lifecycles and product planning, market share and market growth strategies, and brand positioning. Content can be adapted to assist in the training of new marketers or non-marketing personnel who need a basic understanding of the market. Customer-specific market factors can be incorporated into this program.

Sales and the Selling Process

This program is an excellent refresher for experienced sales personnel or a11 introduction for new-hires or non-sales personnel who will be interacting with customers. During the session, the sales process is examined with specific examples and case studies. Tips, tricks. and professional selling techniques are also covered.

Sales Channel Strategy and Management

In this session, participants will discuss the basics and adva11ced techniques of sales channel management. In particular, selection, support, and management of various channels, including direct selling, distribution, and the independent representative function will be discussed. Online strategies will also be covered. Customer specific sales channellssues will also be covered.

Management of the Independent Sales Representative

Working with independent representatives can be challenging and rewarding. Perhaps the most important aspect is knowing how to gain mind-share to improve your coverage within their respective markets. In this program, the motivations, key competencies, and dynamics of independent sales representatives is discussed. In this highly interactive program. management strategy, key concepts, motivational approachs (both financial and nonfinancial) are discussed.

Strategy and Tactics for Sustainable Competitive Advantage

In tllis program, we discuss the fundamental strategy development process, P01ter's generic business strategies, use of strategy maps and balanced scorecards, and implementation through tactical design. Tllis program can also include a workshop where participants develop scorecards for tllei..r respective business areas. Specific focus is given to developing sustainable competitive advantage.

Negotiation Skills for Success

In this program, participants will learn the maiJl elements of the negotiation process, how to select the appropriate negotiation strategy, appropriate tactics to achieve tl1e participants financial a11d relationship objectives, and understand why negotiations either result in good or bad outcomes. Discussion, case-studies,and practice negotiations can be incorporated into this program.