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Sales and Marketing

As domestic and international competition intensifies, sales and marketing functions need to evolve continuously and sharpen their approach. We bring a wealth of experience in business-to-business marketing and sales, along with an understanding of the unique sales and marketing challenges that distressed businesses face. Services include

  • Evaluating existing sales and marketing programs
  • Aligning organizations and processes behind a powerful unique selling proposition
  • Establishing ongoing measurement and forecasting infrastructure

We have done extensive work in market evaluation, market research, and market strategy formation. Once you’re ready to enter a new market or improve your penetration of existing markets, our experience in Sales Management can help you evaluate and establish channels of distribution and compensation schemes. Our unparalleled expertise in management of Independent representatives and agents along with Distributor management allows us to fully support your initiatives and set your firm up for success. We also have strong experience in assisting domestic manufacturers with entry into foreign markets, either by assisting in determination of key market opportunities or establishment of sales channel within specific international markets.