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Organizational Assessment

What good are improvement strategies and recommendations if they’re not specific to your organization?   By conducting thorough organizational assessments, we use a systems-approach to learn about several aspects of a manufacturer, both in the production environment as well as the back-office. We also learn about the sales and marketing processes within the firm to completely understand the capabilities of the business. To complete the analysis, we look at the following systems:

Managerial System

  • Goal Setting Process
  • Planning Process
  • Assembly of Resources
  • Organization Process
  • Implementation Process
  • Managerial Control Process

Structural System

  • Tasks and Workflow
  • Work Group Structure
  • Authority, Responsibility, and Accountability
  • Information Flow
  • Procedures and Work Rules

Psychosocial System

  • Attitudes and Perceptions
  • Motivation Techniques
  • Interpersonal Relations within the Organization
  • Group Dynamics
  • Communication Processes
  • Leadership

Goals and Values System

  • Culture and Philosophies of the Organization
  • Overall Goals of the Organization
  • Group Goals
  • Individual Goals

Technical System

  • Knowledge Management and Development
  • Techniques
  • Facilities and Equipment

The complexities of these systems are viewed in the greater context of the Environment (legal, social, political, and regulatory) within which the organization operates.

To further enhance the operational efficacy of the manufacturing operation, Praestar Consulting also offers Lean Audits to measure and quantitatively analyze the performance of the manufacturing processes of the Firm. For more information, click here.

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