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The Process

    When assisting a manufacturer with process improvement and business development, we follow this process to ensure that all requirements are met and that our customers are completely satisfied.

    Learn about Current Marketing and Operations Strategy

    We spend time during our initial meeting to learn about your specific strategy for manufacturing and sales. During this meeting, we also identify your goals in each area as well as your current opportunities and threats.



    Conduct Initial Assessment
    of Current State

    Having identified your current opportunities and threats, we also identify any areas of your business that you'd be particularly interested in improving. This can come from historical data and past perfomance information.



    Proposal and Project Definition

    Based on your current situation and business goals, we develop a proposal that addresses identified weaknesses and opportunities for improvement.


    Mutual Project Commitment

    Based on our proposal, we come to a mutual agreement as to content, pricing, and delivery of the consulting and training program to ensure that you are fully satisfied.


    Project Execution: Measure Current State of Business

    To begin our consulting engagement, we typically employ metrics that allow our customers to measure the impact we have as well as understand their current condition. This allows us to identify areas of the business for analysis.


    Project Execution: Analysis of Business

    Once firm metrics are in place, we analyze the business in the areas we have identified as opportunities for improvement.


    Project Execution: Recommendations and Implementation

    Based on the results of our analysis, we provide specific, measurable, and actionable recommendations. Additionally, in many cases we also assist with implementation of the improvements within the facility or business.


    Project Wrap-up: Control Plan

    Once the implementation is completed, we assist the manufacturer in developing a control plan. This is particularly important so that the manufacturer is not reliant on outside resources over the long term. Our goal is to help improve your business in a manageable way.